(Him/He Pronouns)

Dr. Adam Bletsoe has been using his energetic, relatable and BIG-thinking style with groups and individuals for over a decade to empower and inspire them to create the health and results of their dreams.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Adam has been studying meditation and mind-body science for healing and performance. For the past 13 years he has been a busy chiropractor focused on recovery from stress, chronic pain and return to functional living.  In 2014, Dr. Adam brought formal mindfulness facilitation to his patient through one-on-one clinical experiences and group mindfulness programs.  

Dr. Bletsoe supports the body-mind in it’s natural ability to heal.  He knows that health comes from within and therefore guides his patients toward natural and holistic modes of healing that allow them to enjoy improved function as they move towards their meaningful goals.

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Quick Profile

Name:Adam Bletsoe

Phone:416 694-4800, x. 1

Email:  dradam@dradambletsoe.com

Speciality:      Chiropractor and Mindfulness Facilitator 

Degree:Doctor of Chiropractic