She/her/hers pronouns.

“You are the sky, everything else is just the weather” – Pema Chodron

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I am a social worker who has been practicing in English and French for the past 10 years in Toronto. As a practioner and an individual, I value compassion, collaboration, and social justice, and I embody these by creating a warm, validating, and open space where we can be curious together. I fundamentally believe that every individual is the expert of their own experience, and I aspire to work and learn with and alongside clients. I take a critical, anti-oppressive and intersectional stance to my work, as I believe that all of our struggles connect to larger social and structural realities, and that understanding these allows us to cultivate more kindness for ourselves and others. I am passionate about supporting folks in building a life that is meaningful and value-driven, in spite of whatever challenges are present. As access to French-language services are important to me, I am comfortable and able to conduct sessions in French if requested.

I completed an undergraduate degree in social work at Ryerson University, and a masters degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto. My modalities of choice include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Mindfulness based approaches. I am furthermore familiar with CBT and DBT, and use tools and strategies from both when relevant. My experience includes working with folks for whom shame, anxiety, depression, avoidance, perfectionism, ADHD/ADD, trauma, self-harm, substance misuse, caregiver burnout and hoarding are present. I furthermore have experience completing trans surgical readiness assessments, and have worked extensively with seniors, young adults, and francophone populations. Currently, I provide crisis and ongoing counselling support to post-secondary students at OCAD University, and have previously provided case management and counselling support to French-speaking seniors and adults. I am also very knowledgable in accessing community resources, and have successfully supported clients in accessing ODSP, housing, and community-based supports. When not working, I enjoy exploring neighbourhoods with my dog, drinking tea at cafes across the city, and collecting large and colourful earrings.

I am at The Collective on Thursdays from 6-9 PM. If you would like to set up a free phone consultation to chat further and see if we are a good fit, please email me at

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Quick Profile

Name:Alanna Fletcher

Specialty: CBT, DBT, French language therapy, ADD, ADHD, Trauma 

Degree: Masters of Social Work