(They/Them Pronouns)


I am a Therapist and Registered Social Worker with over 12 years experience working in harm reduction, prisoner justice, Gender Based Violence, and youth shelter settings, as well as four years of clinical therapy work focusing on 2S LGBTQIA youth , youth and families struggling with mental illness and conflict. My goal is to work with people in authentic ways. To journey with folks through difficult, hard, messy, and scary situations.  

As a white passing Metis-Anishinaabe-German Trans/Non-Binary person from Penetanguishene, I strive to decolonize therapy and healing practices, and work through an Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive framework.

Through my journey of finding self in the colonial present, I deemed it responsible and necessary to re/connect with my identity, to explore mixed race identity (and the privilege that comes along with being white passing). In that responsibility I am committed to, and in the process of working through research to complete my MNO application.

Some of my interests and passions include food justice and food sovereignty, both indoor and outdoor plants and gardening, crafting and DIY-ing. 

Much of my work has centered around supporting folks dealing with:

  • Gender Identity 
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Trauma and systemic oppression
  • Mental illness (including depression, anxiety, BPD, PTSD, DID, etc.) 
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Substance Use and Harm Reduction
  • Self-Injury
  • Suicide 

I focus on working with:

  • Children and youth (10 +)
  • young adults (up to age 25)
  • 2S LGBTQIA folks
  • 2S QTBIPOC folks 
  • And folks part of other marginalized communities. 
  • Family therapy, with families consisting of caregiver(s) with children and youth


I lean towards using Somatic Experiencing and other somatic/body-based practices, Internal Family Systems, narrative work and restorying our experiences. I also utilize Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy when working with young people and families. 

With Covid, I am offering online and phone sessions Tues-Thursday with some evening availability on Wednesday and Thursday. I can be reached at the Healing Collective or at ChrisSpiess.Therapy@gmail.com. My rate is $150 an hour per individuals, and $190 for families.  I offer a complimentary 20-minute free phone consultations to see if we are a good fit.

I currently have Video and Phone Therapy Sessions Available. Contact me directly to set up a time.

I have limited sliding scale spots prioritizing 2S QTBIPOC, and BIPOC. Right now, my sliding scale spaces are full. I will update if more become available.

Thank You for reaching out.

Through my own journey, I deemed it necessary to re/connect with my identity. In this there is responsibility, I am committed to, and in the process of working through research to complete my MNO application.

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Name:Chris Spiess

Email:           ChrisSpiess.Therapy@gmail.com


Gender Orientation, Sexual Orientation, Youth, Families, IFS, Narrative


Masters of Social Work