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I am a registered social worker offering individual psychotherapy in Toronto.  Drawing upon both a psychodynamic approach and mindfulness training, I help clients process their distress and suffering, approach problems as opportunities for insight and growth, and identify strengths, thus enabling clients to better respond to life’s challenges. My goal is to create a collaborative, supportive environment so that clients have a safe place to explore their issues and work on their goals.

Everyone experiences difficulties in life. Some problems we are able to solve on our own, or with support from family and friends. Other problems are more traumatic, sometimes occurring in childhood and sometimes in adulthood. These experiences can destabilize our sense of ourselves, and challenge our ability to cope. Therapy can be a valuable endeavour at this time, and can be a necessary part of the healing process. Some of these overwhelming situations that I have helped clients with are childhood trauma, separation and divorce, cancer, depression and anxiety, chronic illness or pain.

I have training providing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) both individually, and in groups in a variety of settings – community health centres, family service agencies, and cancer support agencies.

Clinical specialties include – relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, stress, loss, trauma, cancer, chronic illness.

A key component of any therapeutic endeavour is the relationship with the therapist. I offer a free 20 minute consultation so that you can ask questions, and get a sense of whether I am the right therapist to help and support you in your healing journey.

I am available on Thursdays from 9 am to 9 pm.

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    Name:                                           Gail Davis

    Phone:                                 647.221.4551

    Email:                    gailtd@sympatico.ca

    Speciality: Individual Psychotherapy, Group Therapy

    Degree MSW, RSW