(She/her pronouns)

I’m a Registered Psychotherapist, here to support you in cultivating resilience, authenticity, and a sense of agency in life’s tough moments.

As a gestalt psychotherapist, I believe that meaningful change happens organically once we become what we are, not when we try to be what we’re not. My goal is to support you in feeling seen, understood, and grounded in the whole of your experience, including your thoughts, emotions, and felt sense. This process begins to nurture the solid ground needed to move forward.

From a place of compassion and embodied support, I’ll offer space for you to explore your experience in the world, and invitations to experiment with how things might be different. This often includes deepening awareness of what comes up in the here and now, and noticing what shifts when we do.

I work with individuals navigating various challenges, including:

• feeling stuck
• life transitions

• relationships

• stress and overwhelm

• anxiety and panic
• depression
• trauma

• self-esteem
• illness and disease

• grief and loss

My training in yoga, meditation, and somatic attachment therapy supports my work as an embodied relational therapist. My approach is inherently health-affirming, recognizing that everything we do is in the service of being in contact with the world around us. I work from a place of curiosity, without fixed expectations or judgement, and am committed to practicing non-pathologizing, non-hierarchical, and trauma-informed therapy.


Logistics and Beginning:

I work with adults (18+) located in Ontario (virtual) / Toronto (in-person), weekdays 10am-5pm. My rate is $140 per 50 minute session.

It’s important to me that the fit between us feel right. I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation so we can talk about what’s bringing you to therapy and the type of support that you’re looking for. If you’re interested in connecting, the best way to reach me is by email at mpfendt@gestaltmail.ca. You can also learn more about me and my approach on my website molliepfendt.ca.

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Quick Profile

Name: Mollie Pfendt

Phone:      (437) 800-2208


Email:         mpfendt@gestaltmail.ca


Specialty: Feeling stuck; Life transitions; Relationships

Degree: Graduate of the 5 Year Psychotherapy Training Program, Gestalt Institute of Toronto (GITDip)