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I’m a Holistic Nutritionist + Wellness Specialist. In a nutshell, I’m a foodie, I love healthy, easy-to-prepare meals with fresh ingredients. But I want the food I eat to work hard, taste good and be good for me.

My journey with nutrition began in my mid-20s when I was pregnant with my now 15-year-old daughter. This was when I really started to think about food, its purpose, and how to properly nourish my growing baby as well as myself. When my child, Izzy, began eating solid foods, I made my own baby food but was left mortified when she would spit out anything made with meat or fish. On the other hand, she would sing when I fed her vegetables and fruit. In a panic, I signed up for vegetarian cooking courses at George Brown College so that I could learn how to feed my growing vegetarian properly!

 I also searched for answers about how to eat without worrying about weight gain, feeling bloated, tired, or nauseous after a meal. I looked to find ways to balance my bouts of depression and anxiety without the use of pharmaceutical drugs — which I discovered were linked to the lack of nutrients in my daily diet. This was when I decided to help others from my own experience by becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

As a holistic nutritionist, I take your health history, emotional state, lifestyle habits, and current diet into consideration before suggesting a course of action. Then we take that action. Together.

I suggest starting with booking your complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Meet & Greet.

Our Meet & Greet is an informal opportunity to get to know each other, discuss your concerns and goals.  Next, I will send you an intake form and an online nutritional questionnaire that will outline any imbalances in your body systems that link to the issues you addressed in our first meeting. From there I build you a customized wellness plan that includes lifestyle recommendations, a meal plan and supplement recommendations (if applicable).  You also will get unlimited support from me when we are not in session.


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Quick Profile

Name:  Priscilla Hristova

Phone: 416.278.5269

Email: priscilla@phnutrition.ca

Website: phrhn.com

Speciality: Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach

Degree:  RHN