Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Are you looking to feel better, either emotionally or physically? Mindfulness-based stress reduction has the potential to help.

Mindfulness is one type of meditation practice that has been proven to reduce stress and enhance our ability to cope with life’s challenges.

Mindfulness meditation can be described as a state of relaxed attention. Through learning specific mindfulness practices, we can learn to achieve a more relaxed approach, even at times that are not relaxing.

This program consists of 8 weekly meetings. You will be taught simple meditation techniques that you are encouraged to practice at home in order to discover the personal benefits of mindfulness. These practices have the potential to:

  • improve your ability to cope with stressful events,
  • experience less emotional or physical suffering,
  • feel calmer and more in control while responding to life’s challenges.

For inquire about the program, or to register, contact Gail Davis. At this point we are waiting for enough people to express interest in the group prior to scheduling it – which means you can help decide the timing which works best for you.

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