For an affordable monthly fee, practitioners:

  • Have access to an individual therapy room. Bookings available by the day or half day (ie. Every Monday of the month)
    • Hourly rates available to members when available
    • One-year commitment (with the possibility of subletting if required)
  • Receive help with logistics/business aspects
    • This includes support on how to do taxes, manage expenses/paperwork, and marketing
    • Become part of a community of practitioners
  • Get help with referrals (building a practice)
    • Where to find clients is one concern many therapists have
    • HC will provide referrals to practitioners whenever possible
  • Have access to a main floor space: Accessible/one level
  • Have access to training, facilitation opportunities, and peer supervision

Contact us for pricing and space availability

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Or you can also contact our practitioners directly, depending on your needs.

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