Sex Therapy

Sex therapy helps individuals or couples identify and consider possible psychological, emotional  and relational factors that could be maintaining their sexual problems or concerns. Therapists offering sex therapy provide accurate and specific terms as well as educational materials about sex in therapy sessions that help clients better understand and address concerns in their sexual lives.  Individuals or couples can seek sex therapy.

Some common sexual issues include:

  • Discrepancies in desire (couples) or lack of the desire you wish to have (individuals)
  • Boredom in the bedroom (couples) or wanting the sex life you desire (individuals)
  • The Discovery of unwanted sexual behaviours (couples) or concerns about your sexual behaviours (individual)
  • Arousal or orgasmic problems (couples and individuals)
  • Sexual challenges after having children (couples or individuals)
  • Trouble after infidelity or in the walk of trauma (couples or individuals)
  • Thoughts and feelings about your sexuality you wish to explore (couples or individuals)
  • A lack of accurate information or conflicting information you have received about your sexual concerns (couple or individual)
  • Not having found satisfaction after you’ve tried medical interventions (couples or individual)  

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